5 Random and Fun Facts About Gilmer
Gilmer is named after former US Navy Secretary, Thomas Walker Gilmer, and sits on U.S. Highway 271, and Texas highways 154 and 155, and they have a pretty great high school football team too. Gilmer sits in the heart of East Texas, and there are plenty of other less-obvious facts to know about this hidden gem.
5 Random and Fun Facts About Kilgore
Do you know why Kilgore is known as the “City of Stars?” It's tied to the holiday season and it's more proof that Hallmark Christmas movies should really be on year-round. Check out these fun facts about Kilgore and you'll be a huge hit at East Texas trivia parties.
5 Random and Fun Facts About Athens
About 1 in 4 people in Athens, TX live alone, and over half of Athens residents have ancestry that classifies as "other." There is much to know about the lovely town of Athens, and some of these fun facts may surprise you.

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