Top 10 Censored Country Songs
We've found a few country stars who've dared to swear ... and then had to go back into the studio to make a family-friendly version of the same song for country radio airplay.
Jewel Creating A New Kids Album [AUDIO]
This past January, Jewel announced that she and her husband, Ty Murray, were going to be expecting a little bundle of joy! She's about 8 months pregnant now and since being pregnant its inspired her to create a new kids theme album. She talks about her experience and what she's put into…
Jewel Is Pregnant
Singer/Songwriter Jewel is going to be a mommy soon.  She is trying to live in the moment and enjoy the pregnancy.  We gathered up some of her "Best Dresses" pictures for you to look through - won't be long and she won't fit in these.  But, it's all go…