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Stan Lee's Death Goes Beyond Comic Books
We learned earlier today (November 12) of the passing of Stan Lee. In that time, I've had a few tears to shed. Some will think that's a bit over the top for someone I didn't know personally or for someone that I've never even been in the same room with.
Stan Lee is a Texas Rangers Fan
In case you missed it, Stan Lee is now a Texas Rangers fan. The man responsible for the resurgence of Marvel Comics popularity threw out the first pitch June 4, when the Texas Rangers hosted the Mariners, and now he has a new favorite team.
Four-Year-Old Girl Really Knows Her Super Heroes! [VIDEO]
If you watch the television show "The Big Bang Theory" you know the guys are there really love their super heroes. From Superman to Iron Man, it seems to be the craze. In fact, today Buddy Logan is wearing a Captain America T-shirt and our photographer from our sports website,…