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Tom Hanks Makes The Day of His Biggest Fan [VIDEO]
Tom Hanks looks like he would be such a nice guy, don't you think? Those in Hollywood say that Tom is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. In fact, readers of Reader's Digest voted Tom Hanks the 'Most Trusted Person in America' earlier this year.
Tom Hanks and David Letterman Swap Outfits [VIDEO]
Wanting to look his snazziest for his upcoming segment, Tom Hanks interrupted David Letterman during the monologue on Tuesday night’s ‘Late Show’ and asked if they could swap clothing.
“I’m not really feeling great about this outfit,&CloseCu…
Tom Hanks Pageant Video
You may have already seen this mock pageant piece done by Tom Hanks and Jimmy Kimmel, but I keep on hitting the replay button.
This is just dang funny.