As classic films like ‘Footloose’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ come rolling off the line in updated versions (with characters who weren’t born when the originals were made), some are wondering if ‘Grease’ might be up next for a remake. The 1978 film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John seems to have all the trappings of a love story just ready for a facelift. And John says she knows exactly who would be the best person to fill her dancing shoes as Sandy: Taylor Swift.

In a recent interview, the Australian actress said she supposes the film may be remade at some point, and it seems she’s okay with the idea. “I’m sure they’ll try [a remake], and I think it would probably do well because people would be curious,” she told ‘Showbiz Tonight.’ “But there’s something about the originals … that people still want to see. But I’m sure they’ll do it, and they’ll do an updated version, and it’ll be great.”

Asked who she thought would make a great Sandy, the actress paused for a second before suggesting, “Lately, I’ve thought Taylor Swift could probably, because she’s very talented. And my daughter, I’ve always thought she could.”

This mention of Swift taking on the role of the high school Aussie (in line before her daughter!) seemed to make sense even to the interviewer. And it’s really not too much of a long shot. Swift has opened up in the past about her desire to get more involved in the film industry, citing chum Emma Stone as one of her acting inspirations. Plus, as we recently reported, rumors have been spreading about the possibility of the ‘Ours’ singer playing the part of Joni Mitchell in the upcoming film ‘Girls Like Us.’ Music-infused movies? That’s one thing we know Swift can pull off.

Whether or not a remake of ‘Grease’ is a possibility in the near future, it seems that Swift is getting her toe further and further into the waters of acting, and we’re guessing we’ll be seeing the star on the big screen again before too long.

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