The Major League Baseball season is a long, exhaustive one. There are 162 games, you’re traveling hundreds of days per year and since you’re away from your wife/girlfriend for days on end, things can get a little lonely. Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli obviously is no exception, getting busted like this.


Twitter user @bradcalhoun tweeted this picture to Mike Napoli, catching him stealing a look at the back end of a girl who was posing in front of Napoli after getting his autograph at Walmart, of all places.

Busted, Mr. Napoli.

Here was the exchange from @bradcalhoun:


Should Napoli be more worried about Mercury poisoning or what his girlfriend, Selma Alameri (below), is going to have to say? Maybe Selma also subscribes to the “look but don’t touch” way of thinking.

Either way, it’s classic.


Stay classy, Mr. Napoli. Stay classy.

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