Married duo Thompson Square will stop by and visit with Big D and Bubba tomorrow morning. Husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson put their 13-year marriage on display in each song and, night after night, on tour. Now they have their sophomore album "Just Feels Good" out and it is a great view of a relationship that offers no distinction between the personal and the professional.

This couple has done pretty well in the country business with their  No. 1 double platinum-selling "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" as well as "I Got You" and "Glass." Thompson Square also swept the 2012 Vocal Duo awards (CMA, ACM, CMT, ACA). "Kiss" was the most-heard song oncountry radio in 2011, and has received two GRAMMY nominations.

Their story is interesting with both of them arriving in Nashville on the exact same day – Keifer from Miami, Okla., and Shawna from Chatom, Alabama. They met at a singing competition and have been together ever since. Thompson Square signed as the flagship artist on Stoney Creek Records, and the rest is history.

And since it's Thursday, the guys will pull out their record player and play us a song -- old school baby! Don't miss the fun and awesome guests every weekday morning from 5am-9am with Big Dand Bubba on KNUE!

Thompson Square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"


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