For me Jason Boland & The Straggles, though without a doubt popular and successful, are a band that are yet to get their due. These guys are great. What's my measuring stick for such a claim? Boland has never changed his style, his delivery, not even the central theme for most of his music -- yet it's always good, and often great. Here are my Top 5 Boland Songs.

5. Comal County Blue

The title track from his 2009 album, there's just no argument -- this is just another great Boland song. He turns 'em out like Nashville turns out crap songs.

4. Dark & Dirty Mile

The title track off his 2013 Shooter Jennings produced album, is so good. This is a song that was co-written by Stoney LaRue.

3. Proud Souls

Funny story, as a young jock circa 2002 I played this song off a burnt CD a friend had given me. On air I called it "Passion and Losing Friends," it wasn't till a good two months of playing it that I figured out the correct title. But come on, how could I be held up on playing this great song by something as trivial as a title.

2. Rich, Young, Dumb Nymphomaniac (NSFW)

Between the ages of 22-24 I couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song. Rumor is it was recorded while Boland was sound checking. The sound guy at the venue they were playing promptly uploaded it to Naptser, the rest is history. I think Boland confirmed this to me a while back, but I'm not certain.

1. Somewhere Down in Texas

The song is so sad, and in the manliest voice you can think of, it's beautiful. Originally found on his Pear Snap album, and probably the best example of a song that would make the most hardened Yankee wanna move south to the Lone Star State. Not an easy task for an Okie, like Boland.

This Wednesday night (11/13) one of Red Dirt's finest will be on display at Cowboy's nightclub in Tyler. Don't miss it as Jason Boland & The Stragglers bring their own unique sound and country music to East Texas' biggest and best nightclub. Check out his entire tour schedule here.

Tickets are available online here. They will also be available at the door, day of the show. But if you'd like a chance to go for free, stop by the Radio Texas, LIVE! Facebook page, we'll have a couple chances for you to win.

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