Just one year after finding out that he had been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, Wade Hayes is thrilled to announce that he is officially cancer-free.

Hayes was given the good news when he went to see his doctors for a final checkup last week (Nov. 26). "I'm so very happy about the news I got this week," Hayes, beaming ear to ear, tells Taste of Country. "Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers... I am cancer-free!"

After getting the news he'd been waiting for, Hayes spent an hour on air with Nashville's WSM radio station, where he spun some of his favorite country classics. While listeners couldn't actually see Hayes' face, they could tell the singer was filled with nothing but pure joy after beating the disease.

Toward the end of the program, Hayes spoke about his good news and took the opportunity to once again thank everybody for their continued thoughts, prayers and support during what was a very scary time in his life.

"This past year has been a tough one," he told radio listeners. "With the initial diagnosis, I was given between a 1-and-8 and 1-and-16 chance of making it through it. That was quite a blow. The folks at Vanderbilt have been incredible, [and] God in heaven... I give Him the thanks and the glory, because I shouldn't be here. I know it's a miracle. You are listening to a fella that is very thankful.

"Through that ordeal, at first, things didn't look so rosy for me, but I've gotten better and better every day," Hayes continued. "We were kind of afraid that I might be getting sick again. We went through a bunch of tests, and I got the news [Monday] that I am completely healthy and cancer free. I can start my life as a normal person again. I'm so thankful to be here."

After learning of his cancer in late 2011, Hayes penned a heartfelt tune titled 'Is It Already Time' about the emotional rollercoaster he faced, thinking he had come to the end of the road in life. Hayes eventually recorded the song and made it available for purchase on iTunes, with proceeds benefiting cancer research. A video for the song is expected in the coming weeks.

Our best wishes to Hayes -- we look forward to hearing his voice for many years to come!

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