I stumbled across this interesting article on Mental Floss talking about vocal fry, and how it has become prevalent in our culture, and became curious. Just what the heck is vocal fry?

Apparently it's kind of how the Kardashian girls talk. They sort of drop their voice low and make a creaky sound with it. Whether you realize it or not, you've probably been over exposed to the vocal fry.

I'm probably hyper-aware of how people sound due to the nature of my job, but sometimes the sound of someone's voice will absolutely grate on my very last nerve. The up-talk and vocal fry of some young women's voices drives me nuts. I've been known to walk to the other side of a store, or change the station if I hear something that really irritates my ears.

Lake Bell was on Conan recently promoting her film 'In a World...,' in which she portrays a vocal coach, and she talks about it. She describes it as the 'Sexy Baby Vocal Virus.'

Do you know anyone who talks like this?

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