With only two letters on the puzzle board, Wheel Of Fortune contestant Emil pulled off an unbelievable win shocking Pat Sajak and show producers.

Emil was given a twelve letter, three word puzzle in the bonus round with the category of 'thing'. The only letters displayed on the board were an "N" and an "E" in the first two positions. When Pat wished Emil good luck on solving the nearly impossible puzzle, he manages to guess the correct phrase within two seconds to win, but the puzzle wasn't revealed until an additional four seconds passed by!

When it was revealed that he won, a stunned Pat Sajak jokingly frisks him looking for some sort of device, then reveals his prize of $45,000!

I've seen some amazing puzzle guesses at the last minute, but nothing like this. It appears as if Emil was just as shocked as the rest of us when the puzzle was finally revealed. Check out his reaction below.