Everyone knows just how annoying it is when you are in a hurry and you pull up to a four way stop with no one there, but you still have to stop completely. Most people just kind of slow down and roll through the sign. Don't deny - you know you have done it. I admit I have numerous times. Well you better get that out of your system now, because soon you'll be recorded.

On top of red-light cameras and speed cameras, some places are starting to install stop-sign cameras in the quest to monitor drivers and catch them in the act of some driving offense. California has already rolled out cameras at stop signs, and it looks like Maryland and Washington D.C. could be next. If these trail cities end up being successful, these things could become mandatory for jurisdictions across the country.

In California's Santa Monica Mountains parks are are seven stop sign cameras that help it govern the roadways. In just over 18 months these cameras have generated 35,000 citations and yielded $2 million in fines. Can you imagine how many citations and fines these would gather if they were all over the country?

So next time you think about rolling through that stop sign, you may want to reconsider. Because soon there could be someone watching you.

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