Not too long ago a friend of mine (who is also a respected man in the East Texas business community) told me the story about the first time he saw Rich O'Toole.  His story took place roughly 4 years ago while Rich was opening for Randy Rogers.  He was there to see Randy and had absolutely no idea who Rich was, so while Rich was on stage my friend just kinda tuned him out like many folks will do to an opening act they're unfamiliar with -- that is until Rich started singing a song that caught his ear.

About halfway through this particular song my friend set his drink down, turned away from his friends and began listening. Any guesses what the song was? I will tell you this I've found that my listeners tend to respond just like he did when I play it too.  They stop set their drinks down and listen.  The song was "Marijuana and Jalapenos."

When Rich released it as a single, radio didn't exactly take to it but in my mind when an established artist -- an artist that has 9 consecutive top 10 songs in Texas (every song he's released) who has a proven fan favorite song, that he's been playing live for years, listens to his fans, takes a chance and releases the song to radio maybe it deserves at least a chance at a spot somewhere on radio.

Rich called in to Radio Texas Live, last week and we discussed it and then played the "controversial" song in it's entirety check it out.

Now, that's a good, fun song.  No need to be up in arms over that, right?  After all we've got many more pressing issues to deal with.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not saying there isn't a place to draw a line and dig your heels into ground, what I am saying is this isn't it.

Back to my ET businessman friend right quick -- he's has been an O'Toole fan ever since that fateful day he first heard the now controversial "Marijuana and Jalapenos" song.

So finally, I'm going to leave it to ya'll like I always try to do.  Take one more listen to it, then vote.