We're back again with another RTX New Music Challenge. This time Rich "Top 10" O'Toole and his new single "Red Wine on Your Lipstick" are going up against newcomers Mockingbird Sun, their rich harmonies and new single "Hard Habit to Break." Your job, listen to both and vote for your favorite.

First up Rich O'Toole who's record setting run of consecutive Top 10's to begin a career ended last year at nine or ten, with the fan favorite -- but controversial "Marijuana and Jalapenos." But Rich was able to start a new run once again, with the less controversial and summer fun song "Drunk Girl." His new single "Red Wine on Your Lipstick" is our first challenger this week, give it a listen.

Next it's newcomers Mockingbird Sun, a trio made up of Barret Holloway, Adam Gardner and Adam Ollendorf. These guys are quickly building a reputation as a band with crisp, clean and fun songs. I have yet to see them in concert but I'm hearing great things about their live show. The second single off their self-titled EP, is our second challenger this week -- here is "Hard Habit to Break."