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Well, here we are!  The culmination of everyone's dreams (and/or nightmares, depending on who you ask) will be going down on January 20th in Washington D.C.!  That's when President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to shed the "elect" part of his title and assume the mantle of President of the United States (POTUS).

In light of the scandalous riot (and/or attempted coup, once again depending upon who you ask) that happened at the Capitol Building last week, the security at Biden's sweet 46 party is going to be over the top.  According to Forbes, around 15,000 National Guard troops will be on hand to quell any unrest.  They'll be joined by hundreds of police units from as far away as New York city in an effort to keep the local police force from being overwhelmed.  On top of these preparations, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is asking Americans in general to stay away from the city during the ceremony.

Is this response too much?  Not according to the latest warning from the FBI.  The December report points to the possibility that some extremists could target events like this with the intent of carrying out violent acts.  The Guardian reports that this report also warns against possible armed protests at state capitols of all 50 states on the day of the inauguration.

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