Whether aliens from outer space exist has been a discussion for centuries. Some Egyptian hieroglyphics have allegedly eluded to aliens making a visit to Earth. Some say aliens were the ones to build the pyramids, not a pharaoh's slaves. Supposedly, an alien craft crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940's and the government built a base around it and invented velcro and the microwave from studying that technology. With these stories and grainy pictures and videos, belief in UFOs has gained a huge following. So much so, that the 3rd Annual UFOcon is coming to Jefferson, Texas in August.

The Subject of Aliens

Whether you believe in aliens or not, it's a fascinating subject to explore. Are there little green men with enormous brain power traveling from planet to planet to learn more about the universe? Maybe. Maybe not. Sure, there's been super grainy videos and pictures (with today's camera technology, a grainy photo or video shouldn't exist) of weird looking crafts hovering in place or zipping back and forth in the sky. The phenomena of crop circles was a thing for about a decade where many believed it was aliens trying to communicate with us. I believe that was all proven to be man made. No matter, it's cool to talk about.

Many UFO believers will be visiting East Texas later this summer for the 3rd Annual UFOcon in Jefferson at the Jefferson Tourism and Visitors Center. The event will be Saturday, August 17, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., with a host of speakers, vendors and other activities. The speakers for this year all have expertise in the paranormal and alien fields.

Tickets are available through EventBrite and you can find some additional details at the 2024 UFOcon event page on Facebook.

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