Ahhh, road trips. So much family bonding time. Being trapped in a moving vehicle for countless hours is a surefire way to either cause a family feud or spend some quality time together...your choice.

Sometimes the presence of your family members in a car can be a little much, so why not use the time you have to play some fun games? It not only provides entertainment for the trip, but it also helps time pass more quickly and can help you avoid any awkward questions that you would be unable to escape.

Check out some of my favorite road trip games here:

1. The Alphabet Game

There are countless variations of this game, but my favorite version is the simplest. The way you play is by reading any words that are outside of the car and finding ones that start with each letter of the alphabet. Here's the catch: you MUST go in alphabetical order. Think about road signs, billboards, license plates or buildings that you're passing if you get stuck. And don't worry, X's and Z's are easier to find than you think.

2. Twenty Questions

To start this game off, one person will select an object without telling any other passengers what it is. The first question asked to that person is always, "Living or non-living?" and based on what the person answers, the questions continue. Only questions formatted in the same manner (with two options) are allowed. And if no one can guess the object after 20 questions, then the person who thought of the object wins!

3. License Plate Game

This game is perfect for those cross-country trips where you are driving through multiple states, especially during busy vacation times! The way to play is to keep track of all the different states that are represented by the cars around you for the entire trip. I think the easiest way to keep track is to have a list of all the states and check them off as you spot license plates from each. To make it a little more interesting you could even try to count how many of each state plate you see, but that would take some serious dedication.

4. Songs on the Radio

If it's possible to hide what song/artist is playing on the radio in the car, this game can be absolutely hilarious. Just let the tunes play and the first person to guess the name of the song playing and who sings it wins the round. To make things a little more interesting, leave the radio on 'seek' so that no one has an advantage when their favorite station comes on!

5. I Spy

Yes, this is a pretty common car game, but it really doesn't get old. A classic, but a great one. One person picks an object (in or out of the car) and says, "I spy with my little eye something..." and gives a short hint to help others guess what it is. I usually start by giving the color of the object I've chosen. At that point, the other passengers can ask yes-or-no questions to the person to determine what the object is. Set a limit of questions if things start getting a little too tough to guess!

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