On Tuesday, January 30, the Alabama House of Representative passed a bill that would ban people from smoking in cars where minors are passengers. While it still has to be voted on by the Senate, a debate has been sparked on whether or not smoking with a minor in the car is really something that should be regulated.

In fact, our neighbors in Louisiana and Arkansas already have laws in place for this.

Under the proposed new law, a driver could be fined upwards of $100 if they are caught smoking a tobacco product with a minor, defined as anyone age 19 or younger, is with them in the car. This goes for both moving and parked vehicles.

Alabama residents took their opinions to WKRG News where the consensus on the new bill was split. One viewer said:

I am a smoker and I have no problem with it because when you're dealing with a two, three, four, whatever child it's a hazard.

Another viewer used airflow of the vehicle as an example as to why smoking in a vehicle shouldn't be an issue, saying:

If the car is well ventilated there shouldn't be a problem. There's enough airflow when you're driving around not to have it attack the children.

If the bill passes the Senate, Alabama will become only the 9th state to impose this bill. Nosmoke.org lists California, Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Oregon, Vermont, Utah, and Maine as states who have already taken the necessary steps and passed this law.

All of this in mind bears the question, should Texas follow in the foot steps of these nine states? And if it does become a law here, how would Texans react to it?

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