Alan Jackson recently ran an online contest offering to play a free concert in the city with the most votes. Even though Mineral, VA is a tiny community (population 490) and suffered heavy losses from the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that hit the East Coast in August, it managed to garner 31,000 votes and win the prize.

The town is going through some hard times. It recently discovered that no federal funds will be given to the community to help rebuild after the disaster hit, even though it was situated at the epicenter. This Jackson concert is just the thing to help lift the people’s spirits, though the date of the show has not yet been announced.

The town is delighted with the news. Vice Mayor Bernice Wilson-Kube, a big Jackson fan who voted in the contest, said, “It’s on people’s minds right up there with the earthquake.” Now Mineral has to find a venue big enough to hold up to 3,000 fans.

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