I don't know why the media isn't all over the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. We need to have more time to prepare for this. I didn't even know it was last night, I just happened upon it, and got to watch. Had I known it was coming up I definitely would've had the DVR set.

If you aren't familiar with the dinner MSN describes it as "A traditional pre-election event for Catholic charities where both candidates have to chance to poke fun at each other — and themselves." If that's the purpose of the dinner, then congratulations Governor Romney and President Obama, mission accomplished.

Here are some of Governor Romney's top jokes from last night.

  • "In keeping with the 'Sesame Street' theme, the president's remarks are brought to you tonight by the letter O and the number 16 trillion.
  • "He spelled out how the media will cover the dinner: "Obama embraced by Catholics, Romney dines with rich people."
  • Romney quipped that St. Peter's skeptics told him, "If you’ve got a church, you didn’t build that."
  • "We're down to the final months of the president's term ... You have to wonder what [Obama is] thinking: So little time, so much to redistribute."
  • "I was actually hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening. He'll laugh at anything."

And here are some of President Obama's best zingers.

  • After his foreign trip in 2008 Obama said, "I was attacked for being a celebrity because I was so popular overseas. I'm impressed with how Governor Romney avoided that problem."
  • About the first debate being on his wedding anniversary: "I learned that there are worse things that can happen to you on your anniversary than forgetting to buy a gift.
  • "It seems like this race has dragged on forever, but Paul Ryan assured me that we've only been running for two hours and 50-something minutes.”
  • Obama admitted he had more energy' in the second debate: "I felt really well rested after the nice, long nap I had in the first."
  • "Everyone please take your seats. Otherwise Clint Eastwood will yell at them."

And sure, we all know both have professional writers. And they come up with the jokes. But c'mon, it's still cool to see them at such a light-hearted event this close to the election.

The highlight of the night though, had to be that despite the fact that both men, just two days earlier, seemed ready to go to blows during the presidential debate -- was how each applauded, even praised the other as a great father and having an amazing family.

That is something you won't see from many country's political leaders.