Today Koe Wetzel is one of the hottest names in music, but he's been working toward that for over twenty years. Back in '05 he was honing his Texas swag as, judging from this rare find, one of the hottest names in his hometown of Pittsburg, TX. This video is truly a national treasure.

Yeah guys, even eighteen years ago, as a pre-teen, Koe had a undeniable presence and knew how to work a crowd. Keep an eye out for the moonwalk spin combo (blink you'll miss it about the 1 minute mark), he even has to be fanned on stage, cause he's smoldering hot.

Julie Wetzel, Koe's mom, told me that this this video was from their town's Hee-Haw show in 2005, and she confirmed that Koe was just twelve at the time.

This show was one of Pittsburg’s famous and much anticipated Hee-Haw production that raised money from ticket sales to pay for the Senior Class Prom. It was held every year and various school kids and townsmen would sing and perform. I sang in it for years and started Koe in it when he was 9. He would steal the show every time. - Julie Wetzel

From the local Hee-Haw shows to growing up and selling out venues around the country, Koe has come a long way. Last week he earned his sixth career Gold Single with "Kuntry & Wistern." It joined his previous singles "February 28, 2016," "Something to Talk About," Drunk Driving," "Good Die Young," and "Love" with the illustrious RIAA Certification.

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It was a steamy evening right outside Dallas, TX last Thursday (July 14th) as hundreds of Koe Wetzel's closest friends, associates, compatriots, and fellow Wetzels shuffled through the door at Lava Cantina -- all there to celebrate Koe turning 30 years old.

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