I'm thrilled with this week's  "Artist Spotlight" and I think you guys will really dig 'em. This group is actually a family trio, who has been on the songwriting end of the business, but now has released their first single, "American Beautiful." This unique family trio brings to the table a sound that only families can achieve. May I introduce to you The Henningsens.

The trio consists of dad, Brian son/brother Aaron and daughter/sister Clara. Besides their harmonies, the music has that "heartland" vibe, which is great for country music. The family does reside  on a 1,700 acre farm in Atwood, Illinois, so that makes sense.

They've been writing for awhile and had some great success. They wrote The Band Perry's huge hits, "You Lie" and "All Your Life." Not bad, right? I found it interesting that the trio only got together recently in 2007 and decided to focus on singing together.

Brian had pursued music in his younger years, playing in bands and so on, but was a farmer by day. Aaron farmed but was also involved in writing music and playing in college bands too. One day the three got together and penned a song, sang at Nashville's Blue Bird Cafe, and that's when it all took off.

Here is their debut single "American Beautiful." Take a listen, than take the poll below and let me know what ya' think.

Meet The Henningsens

The Henningsens "American Beautiful"