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The 'Texas Two Step' will be a thing of the past beginning January 01, 2025. Texans will no longer have to go to a service station to get their vehicle inspected before the registration can be completed for their car, truck or motorcycle. Governor Greg Abbott signed Texas House Bill 3297 repealing the law mandating annual vehicle inspections in the state.

Texas will remain one of the 11 states that currently require vehicle inspections until 2025 rolls around. However, mandatory emissions inspections will still be required in 17 of the state's largest counties - including the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, Houston, Austin and El Paso.

We've been accustomed to paying the $7.50 for the annual inspection fee so don't expect that fee to go away automatically. The fee will still be collected as part of your registration and will appear on your registration statement as the 'inspection program replacement fee'. This money will fund the Texas Mobility fund, general revenue, and the clean air account.

When you purchase a new car or move to Texas from another state the initial 'inspection program replacement fee' will be $16.75 per vehicle. Texans have been doing the 'Texas Two Step' of getting an inspection before registration since 2015 and now the complicated dance will soon be a thing of the past.

While this bill was passed and signed, there was some opposition from Texas law enforcement officials and safety groups that argued that the annual inspections protected the public from dangerous vehicles traveling on Texas roads.

What do you think about eliminating the Texas state vehicle inspection program? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or email me your thoughts.

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