Some good news to start the day: Antonio Banderas has announced that he’s recovered from a bout of Covid-19. Banderas revealed his diagnosis back in early August, on his 60th birthday no less. And you thought your birthday was bad cause you got socks.)

At the time, Banderas said he felt “relatively good, just a little more tired than usual,” and planned to use his recovery time to “take advantage of this isolation to read, write, rest and continue making plans to begin to give meaning to my 60 years.” This week he tweeted that after 21 days in quarantine he “overcame the Covid 19 infection” and is now “cured.” He sent additional thoughts to “those who weren’t as fortunate as me, and to those who suffered more than I did.”

At 60, Banderas remains one of the most beloved actors in the world. Just a few months ago he was nominated for his first Academy Award for his role in Pedro Almodovar’s Pain and Glory playing, of all things, an aging film director. Banderas is best known in America for action movies like Desperado and The Mask of Zorro, as well as for the voice of Puss in Boots in the Shrek franchise and its spinoffs. In a curious bit of timing, Banderas made the announcement on the 25th anniversary of Desperado’s theatrical release.

Here was Banderas’ tweet announcing his improved health.

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