All over social media you see lots of people bashing companies, not often do you see people raving about great customer service but it's always nice to read when you do see those comments. Like this past weekend in a social media group having to do with Jacksonville, Texas there was a woman who posted about great customer service from the manager at Atwood's hardware store.

The post was one of those where you feel bad for the author as she had a burst faucet with water spraying everywhere. Her neighbor was able to get the water shut off and talk to the manager at Atwood's to get the parts necessary to fix the busted faucet. The manager helped the woman collect everything from the plumbing department and she was on her way back home.

What Makes This Story Extra Special

Helping someone is just part of the job at a hardware store like this, but this also took place at closing time. This manager decided to stay open an extra couple minutes to help someone who was dealing with a stressful home repair project. It's just nice to hear of good people being recognized for doing good things here in East Texas.

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Many Comments Supported This Online

After this post was made on social media there were lots of other people that commented about receiving great customer service there too.

We need to start making this the new trend on social media, let's give kudos instead of always bashing businesses.

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