We told you earlier this week about a woman who was banned from a Wichita Falls Walmart for riding an electric shopping cart in the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can. Well, in honor of that woman, an Austinite decided to create an event on Facebook to do the same there.

According to kvue.com, 10,000 people were "Interested" in the event that was scheduled for Wednesday evening (January 16) at the Walmart on Norwood Park Boulevard in Austin, 1,700 said they were "Going" and three, yes three, showed up. The gentlemen had their Pringles can ready and seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Austin police were aware of the event, as was Walmart security, but no extra patrols or attention was added for the event. Police did say that a fine of up to $200 can be issued for drinking from open container in public. However, no fines were issued.

Austin is staying weird, folks.

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