The idea of turning classic board game Battleship into a feature-length movie still doesn’t make much sense, but we’ll admit that we’re a little less skeptical after watching the first official trailer for the movie, released Wednesday by Yahoo!

Though some of the footage underwhelms (why does it always have to be about aliens? and why did they make Taylor Kitsch shave his hair off?!), the film still looks like it will be a visual showcase, with epic effects and battle sequences — not to mention cutesy yellow missiles that look like the iconic peg pieces from the Hasbro game. (Aw!)

In addition to Kitsch, the film stars ‘True Blood’ hunk Alexander Skarsgard, model/actress Brooklyn Decker and Liam Neeson. It also features the big-screen debut of singer Rihanna, which will hopefully go over better than her stint in ‘Bring It On: All or Nothing.’

‘Battleship’ sails into theaters May 18, 2012. Watch the trailer below:

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