There's nothing better than getting a cone topped with scoops of ice cream during Texas' hot summer weather. And if you live in Tyler, Texas, there are plenty of places to visit for your fix!

Ice cream is a great treat to enjoy year-round, but there's no denying that it's best when eaten after a day in the sun.

There are so many ways to enjoy ice cream

My favorite way to eat ice cream is in a bowl -- I know, boring. But I like to top it with cookies, syrup, candy, fruits, or broken-up waffle cones. You get all the perks of ice cream without the mess this way, or so I think.

But there are sooooo many ways to enjoy your ice cream. You can put it in a cone, between some cookies, in cake form, as a milkshake, in your coffee or soda, and more!

I think it's one of those classic sweet treats that just pairs wonderfully with a lot of things.

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Where is the best ice cream in Tyler, TX?

I think this is subjective. We all like different ice cream places for different reasons.

For example, if I want a creamy, thick ice cream I go to Andy's; but if I want to fill a bowl with ice cream and toppings I'm headed to Marble Slab Creamery. Basically, whatever kind of ice cream you're in the mood for, there's a place for it.

According to Yelp Reviews though, there are some ice cream establishments in Tyler that seem to be more liked than others. Including one frozen yogurt place -- which isn't really ice cream, but since it was on the list I'll give it an honorable mention.

Check out 9 places serving up the best ice cream in Tyler here:

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