These kind of stories really piss me off. We have alligators in East Texas. Are they dangerous? Yes. What do you do if you see one? Walk away. But here's the thing, even if one snaps at you or tries to swallow your dog, you don't kill it and then dump it at a boat ramp. That appears to be what an East Texan has done and they will face a possible felony and jail time if they are caught.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Shelby County Game Wardens believe that someone killed, and then dumped, an alligator at the Pinkston boat ramp either late Friday, May 17 or early Saturday, May 18. It is believed that this person, or persons, captured this alligator, killed it then just left it. This boat ramp is located on county road 1211 in Shelby County roughly in the area circled on the Google Map below:

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you have any information into this, you are asked to contact Game Warden Sam Anderson or Austin Cryer at 936-332-8487 or 936-591-7265.

This Makes Me Sick and There is No Excuse for it

On a personal note, I know how dangerous an alligator can be. Back in 2017, we had Gary Saurage and Gator Country do a presentation on stage at the old Harvey Hall in Tyler teaching us about alligators. He and his organization love alligators. These creatures, despite the danger, are beautiful, and necessary, to our ecosystem. Rather than doing what this, or these, despicable human being, or beings, did, just call the authorities and let the professionals remove the creature and return it to its home.

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