Queso used to be a delicious appetizer for many people, now it is becoming a way of life. That might seem a bit much but everyone loves queso, especially here in East Texas. I know that for a fact because people were discussing online the best queso in East Texas and almost 200 comments were made with suggestions on where to go. Now often people were mentioning the same places but we have a long list of fantastic options for queso here in East Texas.


If you've been living under a rock your entire life, queso is melted cheese with chili peppers and some have meat included that is typically devoured with salty tortilla chips. Obviously, there are some fantastic Mexican restaurants here in East Texas and most of them serve up a delicious queso. But there are many restaurants mentioned below for having tremendous queso that you probably haven't tried before or some you wouldn't even think about having fantastic queso. But a good life hack is, always order the queso!

Not All Queso Is Created Equally

While most of us are happy with warm cheese and some spices, there are some restaurants here in East Texas that take queso to the next level adding seafood or chorizo to their recipe.

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What Does "Chile Con Queso" Actually Mean?

Queso is short for Chile Con Queso, which translates to "chile with cheese". Which is why you will also find queso recipes with chili included in the recipe. Each queso is a little different and all taste amazing.

The question was asked where to get the best queso and we got answers from all over East Texas, most being in Tyler, here were the responses:

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