We all think that we can eat more than we can, or at least I know that I do. Especially when we haven't eaten all day we think we can eat anything then we order massive amounts of food and normally cannot eat it all. Well, we're all not competitive eaters like Notorious BOB - Bob Shoudt who landed in Longview, Texas to take on the "Betcha Can't" burger challenge at The Butcher Shop.

Before you start bragging about how you could probably beat this food challenge let's talk about how big this challenge really is. We are talking about a gigantic burger consisting of 5 pounds of hamburger meat, plus 2 pounds of french fries, and you're more than welcome to put any toppings on the burger that you want.

What is the Prize if You Finish the "Betcha Can't" Challenge in Longview

You will not pay anything for your enormous meal, you will get a free t-shirt from The Butcher Shop and you will get a $25 gift card to come back and try other menu options. So far, no one has been able to take down the huge meal. Oh, one more thing, you have to complete everything in only 30 minutes. Yeah, you might want to leave this one up to the professionals.

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Did Notorious BOB complete the "Betcha Can't" Challenge?

I don't want to spoil the video for you so you will have to watch and find out for yourself. But I was impressed with Bob at the end being so excited for dessert after attempting the eating challenge.

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