One of our favorite summer activities in the Lone Star State is enjoying the many water ways especially the nearly countless reservoirs. However, in Austin, Texas there is a major problem with Lady Bird Lake.

Recently, we all heard the rumors of a serial killer being on the loose, and using Lady Bird Lake as the final resting place for their victims. Rumors aside, there is a legit threat happening at Lady Bird Lake for anyone who enters.

People aren't the only ones at risk either.

What is happening at Lady Bird Lake?


Lady Bird Lake has been getting overrun with a toxic blue-green algae annually since 2019 when several dogs died after coming in contact with the substance at Red Bud Isle. According to this article with KXAN, the Austin Watershed Protection Department has been attempting to combat the danger every year.

It is especially present at Red Bud Isle. Brent Bellinger with the Austin Watershed Protection Department said,

“This has been our most toxic spot with very high visibility.”
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What is the Austin Watershed Protection Department doing to combat the toxic algae?


The plan is to cut off the food source to the algae, and hope to shrink its presence. Bellinger has teamed with a water treatment task force from EutroPHIX. If they can limit the phosphorous levels in the water, the algae should become more manageable.

Currently, the plan is to bring in over 35,000 pounds of lanthanum-modified clay to Lady Bird Lake. The city assures the substance is safe for everyone.

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