B-I-N-G-O! Well, it was more than bingo at a New Hampshire senior center after two women broke out into a huge fight -- and not over bingo, but over Avon products. Obviously Avon products are huge at the senior center in New Hampshire. The fight began last Friday afternoon and the police were called when the two women started to "push and shove" each other. The fight began when a regular bingo player got upset that the other woman in the altercation had set up a table to sell Avon products, and she was disrupting the bingo game.

The officers actually had to break up the fight, but were called two hours later when one of the women wanted to press charges.

My grandmother told me once about a fight that broke out at a local bingo place that had women pulling each other's hair and grabbing at each other's faces. These were grown women, y'all! She said she was so scared and shocked, that she never went back.

I can't imagine grown women fighting over a bingo game. It's a game people -- a game!

Do you guys like to play bingo? If so, have you ever seen folks get a little upset with other players or if the game doesn't go their way? Share in the comment section below.