On my list of things that are worth fighting for, there are the usual suspects:

  • My family
  • If you mess with my property
  • If you take my girl (I've been single for so long, I've forgotten that feeling, though)
  • If you cheat while we're playing Madden (Not really, but you giggled, so I win)

But for two people in Huntsville, Alabama, their list included fighting over - Crab Legs. Yes, the tasty seafood that takes takes forever to open up for very little meat.

kens5.com reports that a "dispute" over crab legs at a buffet resulted in a brawl and two people charged with misdemeanors. To make this even better is that a Huntsville police officer was dining in the restaurant at the time of the incident.

The officer, Gerald Johnson, says that diners had been waiting for about 10 minutes for some new crab legs to come out. When the food arrived, that's when the "dispute" escalated. The man and woman were using tongs as swords and throwing plates. Just the mental picture of this is making me cry from laughing.

The report says that Chequita Jenkins will be charged with assaulting John Chapman. Chapman will, in turn, be charged with disorderly conduct.

What the hell is wrong with people? Society has lost it's marbles. Maybe weed does need to be legalized so people can calm the hell down. Geez.

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