Three Brett Eldredge superfans were asked to help surprise "The Long Way" singer with a tribute video, but they walked away with a whole new reason to believe he's the best.

Fair warning: this video gets emotional. Tears flow when Eldredge surprises unsuspecting fans as they gush about his music and personality. One is already choked up talking about how "No Stopping You," a song from his new self-titled album, empowers her as she tries to set up a new life for herself hundreds of miles away from home. She literally drops the mic!

Another woman can't believe she's standing face to face with an artist she's dreamed about meeting for years. It all happened prior to Eldredge's set at WE Fest 2017 in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Before entertaining the crowd with hits and selections from his new album, the singer video-bombed these unsuspecting fans in the cutest way possible.

The Brett Eldredge album recently checked in as the No. 1 album in the country (all genres). The singer says he opened his heart up for this project, revealing more vulnerabilities than ever before. The result is nearly a dozen songs about love and love lost that finds the 31-year-old on a quest for a soulmate. "Castaway" ends the project with a giant, bittersweet question mark. Eldredge is a hopeless romantic who is slow to fall for hopeless romance.

Wait, Brett, Don't Go! We Have One Last Question! 

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