Even though you may not know his name, Brian Keane has definitely made an impact in the Texas Music scene. Keane was a founding member of the Band Of Heathens, and more recently, he was a member of the Randy Rogers Band. In between he co-wrote the 2009 Americana Song of the Year and saw his own debut single, "I'll Sing About Mine," go all the way to No. 2 on the Texas charts last year.

Every time Brian stops by we have to talk about Hayes Carll, and not just because Hayes is so cool -- which he is. But because a song they co-wrote together, titled "She Left Me for Jesus" is three things:

1. The 2009 Americana Song of the Year.
2. One of the most, understandably, misunderstood songs.
3. One of my favorite songs.

But, please, bare with me because I think this song may just be the smartest songs ever written.

When I hear "She Left Me For Jesus," I picture someone like the character "Oswald" from The Drew Carey Show. Not a bad guy, or even mean, just an ignorant -- but at the end of the day, not bad dude.

So in my mind this is how it goes. Oswald is going absolutely nuts because his girlfriend is putting up pictures of this guy "Jesus" and she's going to church functions to be closer to him. But Oswald has never heard of Jesus Christ, all along he thinks his girlfriend is bold-faced cheating on him. So Oswald and Lewis get together, over a couple Buzz Beers, and the song is Oswald clumsily and ignorantly explaining the situation.

But then of course, they go see Drew who sets em straight, but not before Mimi chimes in "Shut up, doughboy." Someone needs to turn this song into a movie. Here's what Brian said about the song.

Ok, next Brian tells us about the difference between playing for millions of people on TV and doing a live show. We also debut the new single, "Living is Killing Me" off his debut album "90 Miles an Hour."

My favorite line: "I've been thinkin' but only cause it's cheaper than drinkin," check it out!

Before I let you go I must share, Brian has a cut on Josh Abbott's new album "Small Town Family Dream" the cut is "I’ll Sing About Mine," perhaps a future JAB single? Stay up to date with Brian on his website, Facebook and Twitter. I'll leave you with Brian's and Randy Rogers' Tonight Show performance.

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