A couple in France took the saying "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage" to a new extreme over the weekend. While they may have taken their time with the love then marriage part, they wasted absolutely no time on the marriage then baby part. In fact, they only waited about  20 minutes. The bride gave birth to their baby at the wedding.

The bride woke up the day of her wedding not feeling so hot, but carried on with her wedding anyway. The 11:00 am ceremony was almost called off due to her illness and numerous false alarms, but she held strong and knew she could make it through since her due date wasn't until July 14th.The wedding did run a little late, but the couple happily said their "I do's".

Just moments after the ceremony while the guests were heading to the reception and the couple were engaged in a post-wedding photo shoot, the bride suddenly dashed from the shoot to her room. Guests were told the bride was feeling unwell and returned to her room to rest. Guests soon realized that she wasn't feeling well because she was in labor.

Emergency services were called and within minutes the anxious guests heard the cries of a newborn baby boy at about 12:15. That's only 75 minutes after the wedding began. While he made his entrance just in time for the reception, the wedding events were postponed as mother and baby were transported to the local hospital for the care they needed. It was later confirmed that both bride and baby were doing just fine. The child had arrived eight days ahead of schedule.