A couple of weeks ago we told you the inspirational story of Sean and Heather Brown from right here in East Texas. Sean was a soldier deployed in Afghanistan when his wife Heather went to the hospital at 34 weeks pregnant with headaches. She began to have seizures and Baby John was removed by C-section, while Heather slipped into a coma. Sean rushed home to Gladewater from deployment to be with his wife and son. This tragic yet inspirational story has touched people all over the country, and now we have some updates straight from the family.

It has been just under two months since the tragedy occurred. Last we told you, Sean had been splitting time between his son at home and his coma stricken wife at a hospital in Tyler. Baby John weighed in at 5 lbs and had just gotten to visit his mother for the first time.

Sean said earlier this week that they had gotten approval from a long term acute medical facility in Shreveport that would be taking care of his wife. Heather is going to be moved from the hospital to a facility that focuses on long term illnesses and caring for the patient and the families as they struggle with the difficult time.The facility heard about their story and came to them and offered their care and assistance to the family, who accepted without hesitation. With insurance approval, Sean says the facility will be a step up for Heather's progression.

While it is bittersweet because his wife is still in a coma, Sean says it's a huge blessing. "If you're responsive, you're not in a coma. But, if you're not sick enough, you're not going to go anywhere but to a nursing home, or hospice care. And I don't want that. I'm not ready to give up on my wife," Sean said on Facebook.

While the family is prepping for the move and change of things to come, Baby John is continuing to be a bright light in this dark time. At six weeks old, John is weighing in at 9 lbs and five ounces. He is continuing to grow as he eats every two hours, regaining strength and weight. Sean says that he and John plan on going to Shreveport at least three times a week to visit Heather.

The family has reached more than 605,000 likes on their Facebook page, with followers sending their story to national media outlets such as the Ellen Degeneres Show and Good Morning America.The story of this family is taking the country by storm as more and more people are going out of their way to help this amazing family. Sean, Heather, Baby John, and their whole family could not be more grateful for your support.

"There's not enough thanks to these individuals who have taken us into their lives, and their church life, and personal life to keep up with our story," said Sean.

If you would like to donate to Sean and Baby John’s travel (which is 60 miles roundtrip to the hospital), you can contribute to Heather and John Brown Fund, C/O Austin Bank, PO Box 1464, Gladewater, TX 75647

For updates on Heather and Baby John, visit the Facebook page.
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