Back in October of 2012, we brought you the inspiring and heart wrenching story of Sean and Heather Brown. While Gladewater resident Sean was fighting for our country, Heather was having some strange symptoms she knew she shouldn't be having during her pregnancy. She went to the hospital and ended up having baby John prematurely, afterwards slipping into a coma. Fast forward to today, and Heather has made great progress and has moved from a facility in Shreveport to one in Houston.

For the last five months Heather has been at a facility in Shreveport recovering. In the time that she has been there she has made great strides in getting her life back. She has been able to move her hands and arms on command, she has opened her eyes, sits up on her own, uses her legs, and has made strong attempts to talk. While she is no where near out of the woods, she has made tremendous progress.

With all of the progress she has made, she is no longer considered 'sick' enough to be at the facility in Shreveport, but is not well enough to be released. She has been transported to a fast paced therapy facility in Houston. According to Sean, the therapy they are doing there is already working in such a short amount of time.

We got Heather to Houston this week. The DR's and staff are great. It is such a fast paced location as far as theropy [sic]. The Lord has calmed my heart some. I feel that this will bring new and exciting things for Heather. I saw her does [sic] things the last few days I didn't think she could. She is more aware of her surroundings than we could have imagined. The Lord has really answered prayers and opened doors for our family. Thank you all for your prayers as we start down the road of this new journey. Updates to follow so keep praying because we at [sic] not stopping.

He says that on a scale of 1-5 Heather is at a 3 when it comes to her state of health. She has made such progress and her efforts have given Sean and their family much hope for the future. On a happier note, baby John is now around 5 months old and is doing great. He is growing and is a very happy baby, and loves getting to spend time with his mom. He is a greater medicine than any a doctor can prescribe.

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