Burger King is featuring an old moldy Whopper in its new campaign and here's why you should buy it!

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Credit: Burger King via Youtube

Do you remember that image of a McDonald's burger that was like a zillion years old and still looked perfect? Well, Burger King's old moldy Whopper is the opposite and there's a great reason you should appreciate that. The King is offering up a Whopper with no artificial preservatives, according to its Youtube channel. The sandwich is available at some Burger Kings already and will be rolled out nationwide by the end of this year.

"The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly. that’s why we are rolling out a WHOPPER® that is free from artificial preservatives. isn’t it beautiful?" ~ Burger King

Credit: DietHealth via Youtube

According to Business Insider, there is a McDonald's hamburger and fries in Iceland that have no mold growth on them, despite being on display since 2009, when the last Mickey D's closed there.

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