Having owned a few homes I can tell you that HOA’s or Home Owner Associations can truly be a blessing and a curse in Texas or any state. As a homeowner what you really want is freedom, so when you have HOA’s that are strict with their rules it can be a real pain in the backside. Although I have had neighbors that refused to keep their property looking nice which can bring down the property value of the homes in the area. But if someone is not following the HOA rules or decides to not pay the HOA dues, can their home be taken away from them? 

It’s a very serious question because the thought of someone attempting to take your home because you didn’t follow the rules seems a bit extreme, but you might be shocked at what could happen. 

Obviously, not all HOA’s are the same as they all have different costs associated with them and they cover different things. If you have a community pool or other amenities available for everyone to use you can expect higher HOA dues, it’ makes sense. 

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Can an HOA Take Someone’s Home in Texas? 

It would be a long process but if you decide to not pay your fees/dues your HOA can place a lien on your property. Even if you have made your mortgage payments on time and paid all your taxes.  

Get More Details on HOA’s and the Rules in Texas 

If you want to know more about Property Owners’ Association rules for the state of Texas click here. Here is more information from My Attorney Home that I found useful as well. 

In the end you need to follow the rules and pay all dues to your HOA to avoid a huge headache and possibly having your home taken from you. 

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