My girlfriend loves to watch shows like My 600 Pound Life, Hoarders, Married At First Sight, in other words, fake reality shows. I've tried to watch them with an open mind but I just can't. I don't see why shows like that are on TV and considered entertainment. The latest show she was watching this weekend had me scratching my head even more.

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When I got up Sunday morning, my girlfriend was watching a show called "1,000 lb Sisters." I had never heard of this show. She explained to me that it was about two sisters who weighed 500 lbs each and it was documenting their weight lose journey. Okay? Cool, I guess?

As I sat and watched it, all I could think was "who are these people and why should I be interested in them?" I found absolutely zero entertainment value in the show. The episode we were watching was they were getting ready for one of the sisters, who was losing weight apparently, getting ready to have a baby. The other sister was battling not being able to lose weight.

Some other guy, a husband or dad or relative, I have no idea because they never said who this guy was, wanted to talk to the sister who couldn't lose weight and try to wake her up to the advantage of losing weight. Then he wanted to talk to the boyfriend to encourage him to encourage her to lose the weight. The pregnant sister brought some VR goggles over in hopes of getting the other sister to move a little.

I didn't get it. I didn't see any of these people as entertaining. I didn't see the point of the show. I didn't see how a television network thought this would actually be good television. I gave it a chance but after that one episode I asked my girlfriend to change the channel, this show was an absolute waste of time.

I'm sure many more of you are a fan of this show. So my question is "Why?" Why are you a fan? What drew you to this show? It's a train wreck of unentertaining people wanting you to feel sorry for them. At least that's how I saw it. Anyway, I just would like to know why you like to watch it. It's just not for me, though.

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