I'm in the process of moving, and with that comes all the nostalgia that opening up a 20-year-old journal can bring.

I'm a pack-rat, some have called me hoarder -- though I don't think I am quite that extreme -- but I do keep my journals. I have never been good at keeping daily entries, but I have been consistently inconsistent. Earlier this week, I stumbled onto a small journal where I had recorded the Top 45 songs of 1995.

I was a dedicated radio listener to my favorite station, Mix 107.3. I had no aspirations of working in radio at the time. At age 12, I think I wanted to be a teacher or maybe a psychologist. I was a strange kid at times, but I have always loved music.

At age 8, I ran away from home but had to turn around and go back because I had forgotten the batteries necessary for my jam box to play all of my New Kids on the Block tapes. Anyhow, here are the Top 5 most requested songs from 1995 on Mix 107.3:

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media
Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media

5. Tom Petty: 'You Don't Know How it Feels'

4. Mariah Carey: 'Fantasy'

3. Alanis Morissette: 'You Oughtta Know'

2. TLC: ' Waterfalls'

1. Seal: 'Kiss From a Rose'

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