Starbucks coffee is good, sure, but what is it that makes the daily "Starbucks stop" a "destination obsession" for many of us?  Maybe it's Starbucks' inherent sense for relating to our lifestyle & reflecting it through their menu's specialty items.  Their three Valentine's "Molten Chocolate" drinks serve as my latest tasty example!  

Kelsey Kilter | TSM
Kelsey Kilter | TSM

From now through next Tuesday (Feb. 14), you or someone you love can indulge in a Molten Chocolate Latte, Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, & Molten Hot Chocolate.  In addition to the usual Latte, Frap, & Hot Choc ingredients, these delights also include melted chocolate chips, mocha &  espresso-infused whipped cream, along with an espresso-whipped drizzle.

I admit to being a Starbucks junkie, but my personal preference is relatively basic - Pike Place coffee with extra cream.  However, I'll look like a hero at the "home office" when I show up with one of these chocolaty treats in hand.  Who knows - if you're like me, a Starbucks "Molten Chocolate" drink might just be what it takes to "enhance your Valentines romance"!  It can't hurt to try...

And in case you've been living under a rock (or caffeine free), here are the local locations in Tyler.

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