He may have been born in Kentucky, and still make his home there, but Chris Knight is as as Texan as an Kentuckian can get. Governor Rick Perry decreed the singer/songwriter an official honorary Texan, he's even got the papers -- which he carries with him when traveling through the Lone Stat State, for when he gets stopped by "the law."

Here's what he told me recently about his Texan status,

It’s probably all politics and marketing, all that kind of thing. I’ve been coming to Texas for a long time… and got established playing music… Everyone either thought I was from Texas, or denied that I wasn’t from Texas. So we thought it’d be a good idea to see if we could make that happen.

Here's our conversation.

Knight's a musical genius, he's written songs that Randy Travis, John Anderson, Blake Shelton and Cross Canadian Ragweed have all cut and is revered within the music scene.

Tonight you can see him live at Electric Cowboy. Click here to buy your tickets or stop by The Radio Texas, LIVE! facebook page, we'll have multiple chances for you to get on our guest list throughout the day. See all y'all tonight!

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