So. About Clint Eastwood. How many of you watched the Republican National Convention last night? If you did watch, were you thinking "Huh?"  Clint Eastwood delivered his much-anticipated speech at the convention last night,  a 10-minute dress endorsing Mitt Romney. The speech seemed unscripted, to say the least,  and a bit strange because Eastwood spoke to  President Obama in the form of an empty chair. I love Clint, so at first I was excited to see him on the stage. But then the more he spoke, I thought maybe he is not well. He seemed addled at times and not sure of what he was going to say. But this is Clint Eastwood, so that can't be the case. Clint is a polished, professional actor and director, he certainly is capable of giving a speech. Right?

Reliable Source .com reported that  Eastwood’s appearance “marked the oldest backing of a Republican candidate by a Hollywood A-lister in a generation or more."

Those analyzing the speech are mixed on whether the speech was good for Romney, or whether it distracted from the presidential candidate’s own speech while accepting his party’s nomination.

He did say some pretty funny stuff, well just see the video for yourself.

Clint Eastwood's Speech at The Republican National Convention [VIDEO]

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