From Dallas, TX to Houston, TX, and across The Lone Star State, employees are frustrated with their employers. As many jobs are requiring a return to work a new form of protest is taking hold in Texas and around the U.S.

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During the pandemic many employers thought that their workers working remotely would work for the foreseeable future, turns out they were wrong. Now many places of business that once encouraged their workers to stay home are requiring them to return to the office, something that is not sitting well with Texans who have made drastic life changes based on the promise of working from home.

You May Recall

Beginning soon after the pandemic the trend of "quiet quitting" became more and more popular. You may recall that this is when a worker does the absolute least amount of work to keep their job — and they were prepared to ultimiately lose it if it came to that.

Now, something new another form of employee protest is popping up and it's called "coffee badging."

What is ‘coffee badging’?

According to FOX Business "as some employees are being called back to the office, many are subtly protesting by returning to the office for as little time as possible, Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs in Boston, told FOX Business."

"Coffee badging is when employees show up to the office for enough time to have a cup of coffee, show their face and get a ‘badge swipe' — then go home to do the rest of their work," said Weishaupt.

Some of y'all are old hands at this trick. But, yeah, it's basically getting some quick morning face time in, then cutting out. Is this something you are noticing at your workplace? Is your employer doing anything to prevent this?

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