Have you missed sitting outside of a Cracker Barrel rocking away on a rocking chair waiting for them to call your name so you can play the Triangle Peg Board Game? The good news is like many restaurants Cracker Barrel is slowly starting to open up their dining rooms. So you and I can start to feel like we are back in Nana's dining room in no time.

Nation's Restaurant News reported that Cracker Barrel is expecting sales to be "choppy". Like many businesses around the world, the chain expects sales to be unpredictable. CEO Sandra B. Cochran told investors "everyone is having trouble predicting what’s going to happen" in regards to reopening businesses. To combat the uncertainty, Cracker Barrel with be accelerating its beer and wine program.

The Cracker Barrel beer and wine program was tested before he pandemic hit. There are 20 Cracker Barrel locations that are serving up mimosas in two flavors, orange, and strawberry. Basically, brunch with your Nana on a Sunday after church is about to get lit!

The beer and wine program isn't the only thing that Cracker Barrel is rolling out. The chain is testing out a "smaller and simpler-to-execute menu". We have been promised a new-and-improved chicken pot pie and Fried Pork Chops. Turns out Cracker Barrel was testing out a lot of different options for us to enjoy pre-pandemic.

The next time you visit Cracker Barrel, make sure you look around for the new and improved menu and ask for a Mimosa with a side of mimosa.

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