It's Broadway Week on 'Dancing with the Stars,' and you know what that means — jazz hands! Theatrics! Verbal smackdowns between judges and pros!

The seven remaining couples did their best homages to the Great White Way plus a group dance, and from the looks of things, the pressure is starting to build.

Here are some highlights.


J.R. and Karina

Quickstep to 'Overture' from 'Chicago'



The Quickstep is intricate and fast-paced, so it often separates the wannabes from the truly talented. Not that there was any doubt, but J.R. continues to prove he definitely falls into the latter category. Score: 10 9 10


Hope and Maks

Rhumba to 'Seasons of Love' from 'Rent'



Hope is an excellent athlete but she's struggled all season to shed the jock mannerisms on the dance floor and just be a girl already, something that is clearly starting to frustrate Maks. Unfortunately, the Rhumba requires a pretty high level of sensuality to be believable — and Hope simply didn't have it.


But when judge Len Goodman was a little harsher than Maks thought was deserved, the two men exchanged some serious verbal blows. Rather than show you the snooze-worthy dance that preceded that little exchange, let's just cut right to the juicy stuff, shall we?


Group Dance

'Hey Big Spender' from 'Sweet Charity' and 'Money Money' from 'Cabaret'


All the dancers took to the floor together to do a cute 1920s-inspired routine, with some of the amateur female dancers doing lifts and stunts for the first time. Awkward, yes, but a more than valiant effort.


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