For anyone who loves to travel or has to travel for work, this new DFW Security Fast Pass is something you need to know about and use. I'm almost shocked that this security fast pass isn't going to cost you anything, but I love that it is now available to all travelers through the Dallas Fort Worth airport.

The new Security Fast Pass is exactly how is sounds, you are now able to skip the lines as long as you use their new reservation program at the Terminal D checkpoint D18 for TSA general screening. You're allowed to reserve your fast pass time up to 7 days before you plan to travel, although currently this option is only available Thursdays through Mondays. These dates are subject to change, so make sure you check here.

Important Details About the Security Fast Pass at DFW Airport

The most important news is that this is available at no cost. Reservations are limited for these reservations so book ahead of time, knowing that you can only reserve a time 7 days prior to your travel. The security fast pass is for up to 10 people in one party, more than 10 people traveling will need to set up additional reservations. You will want to check with your airline to make sure you can offer a ticket counter in Terminal D for your checked baggage. If you check in for your flight remotely, have your boarding pass, and no checked bags you should be good to go because Terminal D connects to all 5 Terminals. Lastly, the DFW Security Fast Pass is not available for TSA PreCheck.

What Should You Do When You Arrive for the DFW Security Fast Pass?

When you arrive at Terminal D and have set up your Security Fast Pass you will be assisted by an escort who will move you to the front of the line for screening. As this new Fast Pass is still gaining attention DFW is also offering complimentary food and retail offerings for those who use the program while supplies last.

I don't see why you wouldn't take advantage of this amazing program.

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